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In Holy Quran Allah says that “Can the men of knowledge/wisdom be equal to those who have no knowledge/wisdom. http://Aamirzaheer.org is our humble struggle and journey to spread the knowledge and awareness related to History, Pakistan Affairs, Politics, Economy, International Relations, General Knowledge etc through our blogs in the simplest way and language.

We are trying our best to provide more information and knowledge in the very precise way to you. If you are new on our website you will notice that our each blog is the summary of a book or even books. Our aim is to unite the scattered and even face to face human groups based on different religions, sects, nations, languages, parties etc. Impartiality, neutrality and unbiased view are the principles of our blogs. We are above of our personal likes and dislikes and belive on the realistic approach. Let us raise our level of understanding and maturity to live on this planet like the actual humans.

Your kind suggestions will be warmly welcomed. I am from you and you are from me , we as humans are not separated from each other. Service to humanity should be the first and final goal of our lives.

Your brother

Aamir Zaheer

Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa