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The whole series of past events connected with a particular person or thing. "The history of the Empire"


A News, Media and Forum site discussing all things Pakistan


They're just words. But they're positive words.


You know that our all knowledge and understanding is based on our past experiences and observations. History teaches us that how to live today and plans for tomorrow. Here is our History Blogs to achieve this target.


This world and our lives are full of very much traps. Several things which seems good are not good in Actual. Same is the case of bad one. Our blogs will help you to understand all these things as they are in actual and this this understanding makes life easier and peaceful.

Pakistan Affairs

includes much about the Land, Politics, Economy, Culture, People and History of Pakistan in a very systematic, simplest and precise way.

We have hundreds of videos on our YouTube

We have hundreds of videos on our YouTube channel @AamirZaheer related to History, Pakistan Affairs, Politics, Economy, International Relations, General Knowledge in Pashto and Urdu languages, keep in touch with us.